Bulk Order - Grainables (granola bites)

Bulk Order - Grainables (granola bites)

Save money and the earth with reusable, BPA free, NSF food safe bulk containers of your favorite Grainables.   Please contact us to order flavors not shown in the drop down menu  610-420-8440 or craftedgrains@gmail.com

  • Container Deposit / Refund

    There is a $5 container deposit included in the bulk price.  When a container is returned and exchanged for additional bulk purchases, a $5 discount per exchanged container will be applied to the purchase price.

  • Storage

    We recommend storing bulk containers in your freezer and defrosting servings as needed.  Grainables will defrost at room temperature in 15-30 minutes.  Do not heat in oven or microwave as they will melt.

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